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TENESO – One of Europe’s largest multinational high-tech transport businesses when it comes to international high-tech distribution and installation services. Rhenus High Tech is the partner in Germany and a driving force within the  association. Within TENESO, we set a clear example and, together with our partners, further expand our position in the European market for high-tech logistics.

Collaboration with TENESO results in the following advantages for your company:

  • You stand to gain from the expertise, the local competitive edge and the presence of every partner within our network, while at the same time receiving consistent service throughout Europe with a uniform quality standard.
  • Each partner is a market leader in his respective region and knows the local conventions, peculiarities and legal provisions, which can sometimes vary considerably, and he has already incorporated them in advance into his service promise at the TecDis standard.
  • A guaranteed logistics and transport solution, from the designated starting point to the finish point. In one fell swoop you have a European logistics organisation that works for you and can cover the entire supply chain in the required depth, including pre-installation services and precise distribution of your products. Recycling and return logistics round off the scope of services.
  • Every TecDis partner is ISO-certified and meets the highest safety standards and work safety requirements.
  • You can choose how you wish to set up your daily communication with Rhenus High Tech. You can select a central contact person for all of your concerns or a contact person per country or a regional contact on site.
  • Centralised management of your contract data provides complete transparency.
  • Your partner on site has access to the entire TENESO scope of services. The process management of each partner is monitored and examined on a regular basis to continuously check on the agreed service level.
  • The synergies we achieve within the network ensure cost-efficient solutions with firmly agreed transport and departure times that you can rely on.
  • The time you spend internally on coordination of logistic tasks will be reduced significantly.
  • With TecDis as a strategic logistics partner, you ensure that your customers can depend on your products arriving on time and under the desired specifications, throughout Europe.

You say the word and Rhenus High Tech delivers!

More information can be found at: www.teneso.eu

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